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Fall 2022

Center For Design

Poster Series

I was appointed the Art Director for this project for my experience in posters but to also learn how all working parts of a project come together in a team. My team consisted of 4 Illustrators and we had a month for our deadline. We met with the client 3 times and delivered our final files with time to spare.

The Client - Blanchet House
Located a few blocks from my school, Blanchet House is dedicated to serving essential aid with dignity, alleviating suffering, and offering hope for a better life. Founded in 1952, the nonprofit’s mission includes honoring the dignity of every person, aiding the poor and vulnerable, and fostering solidarity. Blanchet House provides meals, clothing, and supportive housing programs, welcoming everyone without judgment. Notably, they own the farm that serves their meals, enhancing their commitment to providing holistic support.

Mood Board Its a truly a remarkable feat that the Blanchet House owns its farm where they produce the food that feeds everyone. Learning that at our first meeting with the client, reminded my team of how it related to movies like Bugs Life and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. We took that inspiration to create a mood board for our illustrators and got sketching ideas right away.

First Pitch Sketches

Watercolor Illustrations
By Harvey Seaman & Gabby Ferroggiaro

Finished Posters

This is a volunteer, Sylvia posing with our posters. Sylvia celebrated her 86th birthday by volunteering to serve lunch in Blanchet House’s cafe. She shows up pretty much every week to volunteer and is loved by all guests and staff.