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Spring 2022

Clothing Company


This brand repurposes clothes and spreads awareness of the negative impacts of fast fashion by using screen printing. This is accomplished by applying facts about fast fashion to second-hand clothes. Transforming clothing into educational pieces, imbuing them with new life, stands as the primary objective. This dual purpose aims to protest the fast fashion industry's destructive practices while enlightening the public about them. My desire to repurpose clothing as a portable canvas for activism and sustainable fashion was the inspiration behind this concept.

This is how I reproduced the font “Vertigo” into a custom logo.

Screen Print v1 - Front
This is the full graphic that would be printed on the front of shirts. I used a maze texture on the logo because I wanted to add a texture to the screen print itself while also suggesting that navigating the fashion industry, particularly the challenges and complexities associated with fast fashion, can be intricate and convoluted. By placing recycled garments within this metaphorical maze and using screen printing to convey factual information, I emphasize the idea of guiding and educating people through the maze of the fashion industry. This symbolic approach aligns with the broader goal of repurposing clothing as a mobile canvas for sustainable fashion and activism.

Mock Up
Front/Back of a plain shirt to show how the screen prints will look.

Applied Mockup
We have the option to utilize any color of ink on the recycled garments to enhance visibility. Even if the words are not as easily readable, they can still serve as a conversational piece, aligning with the primary objective of the project, which is to stimulate discussions about fast fashion.
Reup would hold pop-up events and hold free printings on any garment.