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Spring 2022



This fictional event is curated for guests to experience an unparalleled yoga and meditation retreat on Mars, in the year 2122. Named after the Chinese goddess of mythology, credited in creating humanity. Nuwa is a 3 day retreat for citizens of Mars to indulge in a truly transformative experience.

Gesmonthad just been released by Agung Syaifudin and I liked how elegant this font was to correlate with the goddess NUWA. I decided to stretch and connect the letters together because I thought the serif arms were breaking the word up a bit too much and really wanted to unify the logo to represent the event.

Mood Board
To get inspired for this project I looked at NASA pictures of the surface of Mars and it reminded me of the master painter Mars-1. His use of pastel/earth tones with electric oranges always stand out to me and I wanted the event to refelct that softness. Colors were pulled from Mars-1’s painting, Amalgamated Panopticon (right side). I spent quite a bit of time just thinking about what life will be like in 100 years, so a lot of the creation from this project relied on really imersing myself in this event.  

Fonts, Colors and Textures I used an HD picture of the surface as mars as the texture to exemplify the grounding of the event. I also added in a layer of satin of the surface to signify the elegance of the godess and the event.

Logo with Colors and Textures

Billboard on Earth

Welcome to Mars posters

Event Scheduele

A.I. Mockups