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Winter 2021


“Beehive Extracts”

What started as a fun side project to keep me busy during winter break, turned into a real freelance opportunity. 
“Beehive” is a THC extraction company that works in close association with local industry cannabis growers. My friends who worked at Beehive gave me some of their merchandise and I thought it would be fun to redesign their logo as a personal exercise.
I challenged myself to interpret their original identity and create something that stood out in the industry to promote their trusted values of being a clean, safe, and thoughtful company so customers would be even more attracted to their products. I presented the owners of Beehive with this rebrand in the spring of 2022, and they are now planning on turning this fun side project into a reality.

Original Logo

Behind the scenes of rebranded logo

Rebranded Packaging

Iterations for the different companies that Beehive collaborates with


Each Iteration would have their own color/effect treatment