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Fall 2021


“Krolik Mechta”

For this project, I was challenged to design a conceptual restaurant for the randomly assigned country, Russia. Drawing from Russian folklore, I infused a rabbit hole of stories that weave together to reflect Russia's identity. I was able to showcase a lot of my skills on this project from branding to illustrating and curating spaces. I named this restaurant "Krolik Mechta" which translates to Rabbit Dream in Russian and dedicated this whole project to my very own pet rabbit 🐰

I mainly use just the wordmark throughout this project, but the mandala in the background captures the embellished style of old fairy tales I wanted to convey with this resturant.

Mood Board
Researching this project was a lot of fun, I found some really cool old stories and some brilliant russian art. I noticed how detail oriented the things I foud were and that sparked my first idea to crerate a profound sense of pattern for this restaurant.

Fonts & Colors

Wordmark v1

Wordmark v2 & v3

Custom Pattern
I felt this restaurant really needed a pattern to have as an accent in certain settings. I saw a lot of amazing patterns in my research and challenged myself to create a pattern from the russian spelling of the name, “Krolik Mechta.” 

I spent quite a bit of time on getting this menu to stand out, but I was finally able to dial in a color palette that worked together. This menu eventually got me hired at my curent job with The Take Out Times where I create menus for resturants all over the US and Canada. If I were to change anything from what I know now bout making menus I would fix some spacing issues and see what aligning the entire text would look like, but for my first menu ever I’d say I did okay! 💫

The illustrated rabbits in this design are inspired by my beloved rabbit, Louis V.
I've always wanted to put him into a design, and I saw this as his perfect opportunity to shine!

 The Mandala

Business Cards

Letter Head

Storefront Sign

I wnted this building to be able to stand out on any block and the green paint with a gold plated door would certainly do the trick to get customers attention.

Web Presence



  A.I. Renders of Krolik MechtaMy ultimate goal for this whole roject was to craft a time capsule that celebrated the deep heritage of Russia. By fusing folklore, architecture, cuisine, and interactive experiences, I gained an appreciation for Russia's identity. Curiosity and Exploration led to my understanding of the rich tapestry of cultures that make our world so beautifully diverse.