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Fall 2021

Graphic Novel

“The Subculture of NFT’s”

The goal for this project was to create a graphic novel around a subculture and I had been wanting to learn more about NFT’s. My fascination with the blockchain led me to immerse myself in extensive research, particularly exploring the evolving landscape which was fairly new to the world in the fall of 2021.

My exploration uncovered the potential of Web3 technology, presenting captivating possibilities while acknowledging the challenges in integrating it into our society. I vision a world where artists seamlessly connect with audiences in a digital realm, facilitating the exhibition and exchange of art without the burden of extreme fees and the environmental impact associated with transactions.

This novel is a blend of curated articles, self-generated images, and photographs captured through a unique process. I ventured through the city and into parks, where I used a projector to correlate the digital and natural worlds. This approach allowed me to convey the impact of technologies on the environment. The narrative prompts viewers to reflect on the consequences, both positive and negative, of our technological advancements. It serves as a catalyst for discussions surrounding the concept of ownership and its far-reaching implications for the natural world.

Ultimately, the project aims to raise awareness about the necessity of adopting sustainable practices and responsibly utilizing technology in our ever-evolving society.

With my partners help, we hooked up a projector and my laptop to a portable generater that I carried in my backpack.